6 Key features to look for in your laptop

No matter which brand laptop you are going to buy for your work like, Windows, Mac, Apple, or HP. The main thing is, what are the key features you must look for while buying a laptop before making any investment. This means that there are various things apart from the operating system that you must consider in your laptop.
Like the laptop’s size, enough ports that support peripherals, storage, RAM, CPU, etc.
Overall, we can say that buying a laptop is no easy task as you have to see everything right from size to connectivity and storage. Through this article, we will cut out some of the confusion while buying a laptop. We will discuss the top 6 features you must see in the laptop before purchasing.
You often have to sit for hours in front of the laptop and in this situation you need a painless screen that will not offer a headache. However, for this, your laptop screen must be comfortable to look at.
Nowadays touchscreen laptops are in a trend that offers a high-quality screen and glossiness to the whole display. However, many of the brands have this feature as standard, and others take some surcharge. Apart from that, modern laptops under $700 have a much better screen than their predecessors.

2. CPU

This is another crucial factor, or you can say feature because it is called the computer’s brain. No matter whether you are just pressing one key or opening any of the files, the processor plays an essential role.
Apart from that, right from the simple task on the web to writing in word, most people always recommend dual-core processors. This dual-processor helps the system and you can open many files at one time. So, if you want your laptop to perform the best, always opt for an Intel Core i7 CPU for the various multimedia tasks.

3. Keyboard Quality

If you have long typing work, it becomes essential to have a comfortable keyboard laptop. Apart from that, get the keyboard with a relatively comfortable layout with full-sized and enough space around the arrow keys.
In addition to that, ensure that the laptop keyboard also has backlit. The reason is backlist keys offer a comfortable and effortless experience while typing.

4. Storage

In the early days, the drives of laptops were all in rage. That means people usually store their crucial data on metal disks. Apart from that, these computer hard drives are slow, bulky, and not the least produce lots of heat and noise.
That’s why if you are buying a new laptop, then always go for an SSD that is a Solid-state drive as it offers high speed than a hard drive. It also runs silently and the best part is it can easily be installed in the form factor without delivering much weight to the laptop. So, stick to an SSD drive for your brand new laptops.

5. The Battery Life

The battery life is another crucial thing that you must see while buying a laptop. If you talk about the battery, there are many variables that affect the laptop’s battery life which include screen brightness, applications running, screen resolution, etc.
However, it is also said that the operating system of a laptop also plays a crucial role in determining the battery life of the laptop. In addition to that, if you run lots of online videos, and play games, then the battery will drain sooner than what the vendor has quoted you while selling. It is one of the crucial factors to determine the average life of a laptop.

6. Connectivity

There are many laptops that have many ports to connect. Well, adapters are fine too, but if you buy a laptop with an inbuilt connectivity option, it is best to have. According to many experts, always buy a laptop that has at least 3 USB ports.
These USB ports can be used for various reasons like hooking up a hard drive to back up the files while formatting. Apart from that, SD card slots are also a great option in laptops if you work as a photo editor.

Bottom Line

A laptop is an expensive thing that you cannot buy without considering some things. Once it is purchased, it cannot be replaced, and you have to work with that only. So, ensure that you must lookup for these above features.
These USB ports can be used for various reasons like hooking up a hard drive to back up the files while formatting. Apart from that, SD card slots are also a great option in laptops if you work as a photo editor.

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