6 Main Types Of Earbuds 2021

No matter how many headphones you buy for listening to songs or for gaming, You won’t enjoy it if you don’t have the right type of earbuds. People personally come up to me asking the best type of earbuds. 

So to make it easy for you and to answer all the questions of the people for buying the best type of earbuds, we have combined a list of 6 main types of earbuds. 

After reading these reviews, you’ll be able to determine the best type of earbud suitable for you. So let’s move on!

  1. Over-ear Headphones
  2. On-Ear Headphones
  3. Open-ear Headphones
  4. In-ear Headphones
  5. Open-Back Headphones
  6. Closed-Back Headphones

1. Over-ear Headphones

Now over-ear earbuds are the most popular type. It is used by gamers as well as workout enthusiasts. These earbuds are famous because of the noise-canceling feature. Talking about the fitting, over-ear, as well as in-ear earbuds, have the best fitting ever.

Thus as the technology is evolving, more and more people are getting advanced high-end earbuds. Besides, this type of earbud is used by most music producers, gamers as well as filmmakers. So these over-ear earbuds have the biggest size as compared to other earbuds.

One main feature over-ear earbuds have is its comfortable fit. These headphones are super comfortable and this feature is the most important one for gaming. However, one thing which is a downside for over-ear earbuds is its weight. All over-ear earbuds weigh more than other earbuds.

2. On-ear Headphones

As the name says, these headphones fit accurately on your ear. The difference is that these headphones are portable and have smaller cups as compared to over-ear headphones. Yet these are a bit old fashioned. Also, they don’t have noise-canceling features so it may disturb you if you are in a noisy area. 

Besides, on-ear headphones are also known as supra-aural headphones. One feature that is most like about on-ear headphones is that it doesn’t produce sweat around your ear as they have a cushioned cloth covered around.

3. Open-ear Headphones

Open ear headphones are a bit different from other types of earbuds. So the Open ear headphones can be mostly seen on people who are working out or are jogging in streets as they are very portable and wireless. Yet, this earbud type won’t work for gaming and for other purposes. Also, these earbuds are very affordable which means you can get good open ear headphones at an extremely affordable price.

4. In-ear Headphones

If you don’t know in-ear headphones were the first headphones and are the most used headphones till 2021. One thing which is surprising regarding this type of earbuds is that they are still in the market and people are buying them. We have an amazing live example with us which are the Apple Airpods, People are crazy about them!

These in-ear headphones are specifically made to fit in your ear canals, they have a very soft plastic-type material which helps to fit in your ear. Other than that, they feature noise isolation as well as noise cancelation. Besides, they have an amazing sound quality, which means you could enjoy music and watch movies.

5. Closed-Back Headphones

Now closed-back headphone type is a very special thing for gamers. The main feature closed back has is the amazing noise cancelation and for gamers, the most important thing is focusing on the specific game. So except that the closed-back headphones have very high-end design as they are bulky with comfortable cushioned material. 

Other than that, closed-back headphones come in 2 types of earbuds: Over-ear and On-ear. So this means that you can get either over-ear or on-ear closed-back headphones which suits you the best. At last, closed-back headphones have better sound quality than open-back headphones.

Thus finally Closed-back headphones won the competition of open-back headphones vs closed-back headphones. get one and enjoy and do let me know how they were in the comment section.

6. Open-Back Headphones

You would probably be wondering what the main difference is between open-back and closed-back headphones. Yet, many people haven’t found the main difference but don’t worry here, you’ll get the answer

Open-back headphones feature an open and airy sound which means that you will be able to hear like an 8D sound from them. Still didn’t understand? In simple words, the sound coming from headphones will feel like you’re listening to songs from speakers in a room.

Wireless Vs Wired Earbuds

This additional feature to check while buying a headphone is the connectivity. Most headphones are wired while some are wired. The Wired ones come with a wire which has an AUX input, you can connect it through it. 

While the wireless one comes with Bluetooth technology and it needs to be charged too. So let’s wait no further and check out some main differences.


Wired Earbuds comes with a cable connectivity. The cable connected to the wired headphones gives it power as well as outputs amazing sound. Most Dj’s use wired earbuds as they use it regularly and need a clear and loud sound. 

People get wired Earbuds as they are free from any battery time issues or charging problems. Thus if you produce music or listen to it regularly get the best-wired earbuds with a long wire. After getting wired earbuds, you can enjoy songs anytime you want to.


Wireless Earbuds tend to do better in the headphones competition. They don’t come with a wire, which is just amazing. Wireless earbuds come equipped with high-end Bluetooth. They allow you to connect your headphones through your phone even if it’s not around.

Thus people who want to work out or do gaming without any wire lingering around or disturbing you again and again while watching a movie, get wireless earbuds. However wireless earbuds have a downside that they need to get charged and some headphones have less battery time. 

So people who don’t care about any wire, buy wired earbuds. Yet, Technology is evolving and people are moving more towards wireless gadgets, so wireless earbud can be found widely in the market.


So I have explained to you some main types of earbuds now it’s your turn to get the best one. Talking about the fitting, it depends on your activity for which you are getting a headphone like gaming or working out. 

However, if you want headphones for casual use get closed-back over-ear headphones. I’m also linking some of our headphone reviews that you might be interested in.

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