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The Gadget Deck is here to help you research and buy the perfect tech for your needs. Our team of experts does all the hard work, so you don’t have to! We are the go-to resource for researching and buying technology products. Our expert team of researchers, writers & editors do the hard work to make your decision easier so you can get on with what matters – living life in style. 

Meet our Team


Momin Haider

The founder of Thegadgetdeck.com is a technology expert with incredible knowledge of laptops and PCs. 

After spending years investing and using some world-class grade technologies himself, he launched this site so that other enthusiasts could find great deals on new gear as well as research reviews for their potential purchase decisions. 

Besides, without having to spend hours upon hours searching through online forums or blogs themselves.

content writer

richard david

Richard is a tech-savvy writer who loves writing about and experimenting with the latest technology. 

He has tested with different laptops, PC’s, speakers – you name it! Richard has tons of articles on what he likes to call “the good stuff” because his interests are in all things related to gadgets and new trends in technology that haven’t hit the mainstream yet.

content manager

Hafsa bukhari

Hafsa didn’t have a solid connection to the world of technology until she first heard about it in her teenage years. Since then, with every new piece of tech review that comes into her life, she knows precisely how important this field is for bringing better quality information and services to our society. Her passion has even motivated others around here at work who now write articles!

Product Testing

Our blog has always been committed to providing the best, most impartial reviews of products. That is why we make sure that each product undergoes multiple testing phases before being featured on our website. We’ve seen how different people’s opinions about a single item vary and want to get input from as many sources as possible.

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Being the community-driven platform that we are, our representatives will always be looking to hear from you. This is a healthy space where technology lovers can help shape and grow their haven-so if there’s anything on your mind, please don’t hesitate! Reach us now.