Apple Airpods 3

The digit times has just published a report saying that the Air Pods 3 are happening and they’re happening in 2019 with an entirely new form factor.

So these will be noise cancelling headphones. The problem I have a bit idling is that Apple never even officially called the air-pods 2 as air pods 2 with the number of the series itself, that was just something we picked up on in the documentation, there’s a very strange thing going on with a release schedule of air pods but we know the air pods 2 got delayed because of air power and even back then the leaks were saying Apple’s initial plans were to release air pods 3 and 2 in the same year, so looks like it’s still happening

Apple airpods 3

So the main focus will be noise cancellation and because of that the design has to change, so we’re gonna be getting in is an in-ear tube very likely sealed off and this is gonna change the way air pods look because they say in the article that battery life will be a major concern here and this design you’re seeing, this is our interpretation of air pods 3 based on the actual patent applications, if you actually look through those, Apple has gave us the rough shape of this new in-ear headphone that they’re working on and we literally just built this design around this so I actually really like what it came to it’s a little gigantic, it’s a little sharp, something that I don’t think Apple would go so aggressive on but I wanted to make a point here, these could be a very very cool thing and I don’t know what the two would look like, we’re just inferring here but I’m assuming you to have a little seal around it or something like that. So these coming in the Powerbeats Pro product colors would be pretty neat, we basically combined air pods 2 + the power beats Pro with an Apple spin on it and that’s what you’re seeing here, the case would change, it would likely be an opening up one where you’d slide them in you know, we don’t know, we don’t know that at all but apparently these are coming by end of year and it gets better, so their report was cool then Ming Chico comes in and says Yes, these are happening and they are happening by the end of this year.

Apple airpods 3

He gave us some more details that not only are we getting an upgraded version of air pods but Apple will be refining and changing the existing version at the same price point, so we just got air pods 2, what could they possibly do to those to refresh them, I’m guessing give them some fresh colors, that’s the only way I see this working otherwise, air pods 2.5 makes no sense, if you’re actually gonna be selling people these air pods 3 models alongside them and I’m guessing Apple will be getting rid of air pods 1 and just have air pods 2 and then air pods 3 with two separate designs and possibly different colors between them making it simpler because having three versions of the air pods certainly wouldn’t make sense.

Ming Chico didn’t provide any details regarding the actual design of air pods 3 but one thing he said piques my interest, he said that internally inside the ear pods will now use a system in package design for the chip manufacturing process and this is a great thing because of several reasons. For one, Apple can make more of these with less problems, so a higher yield rate too this means that there’s more space inside of the air pods now so that leaves more space for that larger battery because the noise cancellation is pretty taxing on that and I actually connected a dot here, so earlier max whine back said that the air pods case might be changing for the new generation, little did we know at the time that air pods 2 was not a true refresh, he was likely referring to this ear pods 3 redesign, so we designed this case accordingly, of course it will be larger to support different design but yes it will be a bigger case.

at last

Other than that we don’t know really anything else so I’ll be updating you on the leaks and features possibly of these as time goes on but Ming Chico is saying that these will be a smash hits and we’ll take Apple to the next level. This product alone is such a big deal for Apple, so that’s why maybe they waited so long to release it, I don’t know certainly but do not take Apple for a fool as they absolutely own to the wireless bluetooth headphone market right now with their air pods 2 which is gonna help put a bigger dent in that and then by end of this year, I’m guessing with the iPhone 11 or whatever it’ll be called Apple will be launching these in conjunction.

So they’ll be like a killer duo pair with possibly that matte black coating on both, it’s very exciting and I’m gonna tie this in with an interview with Johnny I’ve and the way that he designs things so in an interview with document journal Johnny I’ve says that he’s constantly designing things and at Apple they place things in the back burner very often until technology matures enough where that technology becomes viable so Apple is constantly revisiting older designs that they have stashed away and it’s a very interesting prospect to me because air power just got killed, the technology was simply not possible in 2019 so do not think for a minute that Apple is leaving that alone in the future they will likely revisit that once the technology catches up amongst other things in the future.

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