Apple Watch Series 5: Rumours, release date,etc

Apple Watch Series 5

It’s been a fairly crazy week for Apple, starting with titanium Apple watches that’s actually happening, we’ve got ceramic incoming as well, which is the iPhone 11 pro Max, not sure if that’s a new protein bar flavor or if that’s actually Apple’s naming for this year’s iPhone and the entire 2019 iPhone lineup has been detailed by a Foxconn employee. As per the rumours apple is going to release the new series which is the series 5 of Apple watch. let’s start with the titanium Apple watch

The new Apple watch seemingly will be getting titanium as well, actual assets have been found in iOS 13 beta 7 by iHelp BR and they detail just front and center right, there titanium Apple watch in 44 millimeters, they found 40 millimeter sizing as well confirming that the sizing is staying the same on the Apple watch now we can’t conclusively say this is for the series 5 Apple watch as the assets were found in relation to series 4, the website itself is pointing out that this may not be for the series 5 in fact there is speculation that this year we may not even see a series 5 Apple watch, the series 4 is already good it’s fast and it’s amazing, the display wasn’t expected to this level of improvement from the series 3

Apple Watch Series 5 review, release date

So Apple may just be sprucing up the body with some new materials, titanium and Ceramic. Ming Chico earlier predicted that ceramic apple watches would be happening and this is further confirmation that yes that’s true, whether or not it is for a series 5 or series 4 we don’t know and also we would love to see an anodized titanium version, so one that shimmers with colors sort of a more high-tech version of the samsung galaxy note 10, it looks beautiful and of course inspired by the Advent 18 case although the series 5 may be happening, a new report by Ming Chico is confirming Apple is ordering a huge amount of OLED displays from japan display and he’s speculating it this would be for the series 5 Apple watch now I think if we do get a series five at most, it’ll be some new materials, a processor bump on the inside and then some new sensors possibly sleep tracking.

Apple Watch Series 5 review, release date


  • WatchOS 6 preinstalled
  • Glucose Sensor
  • LTE and UMTS
  • Improved Gyroscope
  • Louder speaker
  • Bluetooth 6.0 

It won’t be a massive refresh like series 4, If you have a series 4, what more do you want out of a watch the iPhone 11 pro max the naming gets even longer now I wouldn’t put too much credence behind this leak but a stock list from ESR cases is showing us a new naming sequence for the biggest and best iPhone this year although I don’t think that name sounds too bad i phone 11 pro max the more i say it the more it makes sense now this is in accordance to the last leak we heard that the pro naming would be making a comeback this new naming sequence would go like this the iPhone 10 our replacement would be the iPhone 11 the iPhone 10s 5.8 inch model would be the iPhone 11 Pro and then the biggest 6.5 would be the iPhone 11 pro max

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