6 Key features to look for in your laptop

No matter which brand laptop you are going to buy for your work like, Windows, Mac, Apple, or HP. The main thing is, what are the key features you must look for while buying a laptop before making any investment. This means that there are various things apart from the operating system that you must … Read more

Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets 2021

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Spatial Sound Edge Review 2021

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What is the average life of a laptop?

The average lifespan of any electronic device depends on multiple factors such as build quality, usage scenario, the technology used, and more. Generally speaking, for a mid-range laptop, the average lifespan of most manufacturers list it as 3-5 years. After this, either the lifespan just becomes obsolete or it doesn’t meet the requirement of the current … Read more

4 Most Expensive Laptops in the World 2021

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