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Best affordable headphones for music production

Updated on: 8th December 2020

A headphone is an essential tool for the production of good quality music. when producing new songs, you will need the best affordable headphone, a DJ mixer with a lot more accessories. 

So a good quality headphone for music productions needs to be the best one which gives you clear high-Quality sound. 

However, some people face difficulty in producing quality music because they either don’t know the worth of headphones or are unable to find the best headphones for them.

Here, in this post, we have brought you the list of best affordable headphones for music production. Before going through the reviews of the best headphones, we will share the essential aspects to consider for purchasing headphones for music production.

Let’s get started!

  1. COWIN E8  – Leading Active Noise Cancelling Headphone
  2. Audio Technica ATH-M20x  – Professional Studio Monitor Headphone
  3. COWIN E7  – Best Over Ear Wireless Headphone
  4. Vogek– Best Over Ear DJ Headphones
  5. Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphone (new model)  – Best Over Ear Headphones Under $100
  6. Sony MDR V55  – Professional Headphones in Budget
  7. Oneodio A71 – Best Budget Headphone for Music

Important Aspects to Consider Before Buying Headphones for Music Production

Well, buying anything, either its headphone, smartphone, or anything else, needs a proper guide. Before purchasing the best headphones for music production, you must look for these critical aspects.

  • Comfort
  • Size and Fit
  • Wired or Wireless
  • Impedance and Sensitivity


Comfort is an important aspect to consider before buying headphones. The headphones with high-quality ear pads and the ability to restrict surrounding sounds give an increased level of comfort. It also keeps your ears and heads safe from harmful effects.

Wired or Wireless 

Well, it depends on your choice, but we suggest you go for 2 in 1 headphone. This will give you an extra option for you. Sometimes your headphone doesn’t have charging, so you can use it using the cable.

Size and Fit

You must wear the headphones before buying to check if it fits you. If that’s not the case, then go for the adjustable headband headphones.

Impedance and Sensitivity

These are technical terms, but you will see these two in the specs list of every headphone. The best headphones for music production must have low impedance and sensitivity.

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Connectivity: Wireless

Noise Cancellation Level: 32db

Frequency Response: 20Hz – 22kHz

S/N: ≥100db

Impedance: 32 Ω

Other Features: Bluetooth, Microphone, Active Noise Cancelling, AUX

COWIN E8 is one of the best active noise-cancelling headphones. Noise-cancelling headphones are limited in the market and are expensive too, but the COWIN brand has brought for you the inexpensive COWIN E8 headphone with the best sound quality.

This Best affordable headphone for music production has a hit and miss case in terms of design. Some parts of the headphone have durable build material, for example, the metal band, which is at the top of the headphones. 

Moreover the COWIN E8 comes with a great selection of accessories, including an Aux cable, Micro USB charging cable, a great carry case, and a 1/4” to 1/8” adapter. Also, there is a plane adapter which is useful when you are travelling on an Airplane. Overall, it is built elegantly with solid material.

COWIN E8 Review

Well talking about the comfort level, the headphones are a little heavy from the top, but they are still comfortable for use. Great padding in the ear cups enhances the comfortability level of the beast headphone.

Let’s talk about the sound quality of COWIN E8, which is an important feature to discuss. As we already know, it is one of the best headphones which provides active noise cancellation. 

They efficiently remove the noise of drones, airplanes, and background noise. The bass of the headphones offers the best sound quality, and you can listen to smooth bass guitar tones. Also, the headphones connect through Bluetooth or cable and run perfectly for almost 20 hours once fully charged. The overall performance of the COWIN E8 is excellent and is available under $150.  

  • Affordable Active Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • High Quality and Selection of Accessories
  • Strong Bluetooth Connection
  • Comfortable
  • Heavy and Bulky
  • Tame Sound Quality

Connectivity: Wired

Driver Size: 40mm

Frequency Response: 15Hz – 20kHz

Sensitivity: 96db

Impedance: 47 Ω

Other Features: Best for Tracking and Mixing

Audio Technica ATH-M20x is a great value professional studio monitor headphone. If you are looking for the best affordable headphones for music production, then you will not find that good sound quality headphones with fantastic features like Audio Technica ATH-M20x under $50.

M20x is a light headphone with a weight of 6.7 ounces only. The lightweight is because of the remarkable build material. It is wholly made of the delicate plastic material but has part of metal over the headband adjustment rails. Earpads have the same quality as of any other expensive headphones.

Best affordable headphones for music production

They are very comfortable because of their lightweight and Ear Pads. However, it may feel uncomfortable after one or two hours. We suggest you take the break in your studio to avoid discomfort.

The great feature of the ATH-M20x is the sound quality that it provides to its users. It is the most preferred headphones of the studio producers and DJs. The weak point of the M20x is its noise cancellation power. So, if you are looking for noise cancellation headphones in this price range, then we will not suggest these headphones.

Overall, it is the best-fit headphone for studio work. It helps with track and mixing tasks. What are you waiting for? Go ahead, buy these most affordable headphones, and start your studio work.

  • Affordable and Great Value Headphones
  • Decent Sub-Bass Extension
  • High-Frequency Response and Mid-Range Dips
  • Best for DJ’s and Professional Studio Producers
  • The cable is Not Detachable
  • No Audio Controls

Connectivity: Wireless

Sensitivity: 75db

Frequency Response: 20 – 20kHz

Driver Size: 40mm large aperture size

Impedance: 32 Ω

Other Features: Bluetooth Connectivity 4.0, 3.5mm cable, Micro USB Charger Cable

COWIN is famous for manufacturing the best budget-friendly active noise-cancelling headphones. Under the low budget, they provide you the best quality wireless headphones. COWIN E7 is no more exception, and it also possesses similar fantastic features.

COWIN E7 has an attractive design, which is an eye of attraction for many valued customers. The controls are present on the ear cups, which include a volume control button, and NFC pairing button, a Bluetooth toggle, a jack for plugging the cable, and foremost thing a small blinking LED which blinks when headphones are on charging.

They are lightweight headphones, and you can wear them for many hours. The wireless connectivity is excellent, and it has 30 hours of playtime. You can enjoy music, play games, and do many more tasks for almost 30 hours once it’s fully charged. It takes 5 hours to get ultimately charged.

Talking about the sound quality, it delivers decent sound quality and blocks outside noise remarkably. You will love the tight bass, high audio output, clear and sharp sounds.

Looking at these fantastic features, we can conclude that its decent performing affordable headphones. If you are looking for budget-friendly and decent sound quality headphones with noise cancellation feature, then COWIN E7 is for you.

  • Excellent Noise Isolation
  • High Sound Quality
  • Long Battery Life
  • Good Bluetooth Connectivity Range
  • Low Quality Microphone

Connectivity: Wired

Sensitivity: 110±3db

Frequency Response: 20 – 23kHz

Driver Size: 50mm large aperture size

Impedance: 32 Ω

Other Features: Soft Ear Pads, Enhanced Bass, Natural Sound

Vogek is specially designed for DJs. It is one of the featured low-cost DJ headphones. It offers lots of features like comfortable ear pads and design, outstanding stereo sound, and compatibility with almost all devices.

Let’s start with the design of the Vogek headphones. They are super comfortable headphones with protein leather and memory foam at the earmuffs. The headband is adjustable, so the people with the large head should opt for Vogek. You can wear it for a long time as they are designed to give a high comfort level to the users.

Looking at the sound quality, these cheap best DJ headphones deliver remarkable stereo sound for fantastic music experience of life. 50 mm driver propagates deep bass with higher frequency and broader range. The excellent sound quality made the user experience amazing.

Vogek DJ headphones are compatible with android and apple devices as well as with musical instruments, including electronic guitar, bass, piano, and drum. They are easily foldable and occupies less space.

Well, overall, it’s a good DJ headphone under a low budget. You may expect some sound quality issues, but those are rare. These are good for regular use.

  • Super Comfortable
  • Hi-Fi Sound
  • Attractive look and Foldable
  • Volume Control is OK

Connectivity: Wired

Sensitivity: 110±3db

Frequency Response: 8 – 25kHz

Driver Size: 40mm 

Impedance: 64 Ω

Sennheiser HD280PRO headphones are the best value over-ear headphones under $100. There are many reasons to say it the best budget-friendly headphone, including noise cancellation, comfortable, and decent sound quality. Let’s start with the review to know the worth of the Sennheiser HD280PRO headphones.

The headphones are soft and comfortable. The headband and ear cup are made of soft synthetic leatherette, which makes it a durable and enjoyable headphone. The padding of the ear cup covers the whole ear, which enhances noise cancellation and bass response. The filling also stops the sound leakage.

Talking about sound quality, Sennheiser HD280PRO is helpful for daily use. They come to handy when you are in loud environments, commuting, or traveling. Overall, sound quality is decent, and expecting too much under low cost would not be fair as well. One shortcoming which we saw in Sennheiser HD280PRO is that it is a little bulky.

Having lots of features in a headphone, even under $100, is a plus. Wholly, we rate it as the best pick headphones under $100. So, if you have a budget of less than $100, you must give it a try.

  • Fantastic Build Quality
  • Decent Noise Isolation
  • Impressive Design
  • Padding and fitting is not comfortable

Connectivity: Wired

Sensitivity: 105 dB

Driver Size: 40mm 

Frequency Response: 5Hz – 25kHz

Sony is famous for manufacturing fabulous value headphones for its customers at a low cost. It takes care of its customers. Sony MDR V55 looks the best professional headphone in the budget. It is a starter headphone for users new to headphones and provides decent sound quality. Its fantastic feature is its attractive look and budget-friendliness.

They are stylish and comfortable for those who need to use it for a long time. The soft and padded ear cups enhance the comfort level and allow you to apply for music production and gaming. The stainless-steel slider delivers durability and is a perfect fit.

The sound quality feels impressive and provides a crispy sound. The powerful stereo sound will not let down your music and gaming experience. It has a detachable noise-canceling microphone that allows undisturbed calling.

They are lightweight headphones with ergonomic design. The headphones provide natural sound reproduction and extended frequency response. Sony MDR V55 headphones work perfectly for a long time. If you are looking for the best affordable headphones for music, then it is one of the best headphones to consider.

  • Decent Sound Quality
  • Affordable
  • Reversible and Rotating Ear Cups
  • Fixed Cable Stops the Movement
  • Cable Length is Small

Connectivity: Wired

Impedance: 32 Ohm

Sensitivity: 110±3dB

Driver Size: 40mm 

Frequency Response: 20Hz – 25kHz

Oneodio A71 is the best budget headphone for music production and gaming purposes. They are designed to deliver superior sound quality, noise cancellation, and comfort to its users. They are also compatible with all types of systems and instruments.

Talking about the design of the Oneodio A71, its ear cups are delicate and padded. It makes sure that the comfort level does not decrease even after excessive use. They are a perfect fit for every type of customer and is durable too.

The speaker driver of 40mm is made of magnetic neodymium, which delivers remarkable sound quality with high precision. They ideally produce natural sound without any distortion. The Omni-directional microphone removes the noise disturbance and makes it easy to listen to music.

Well, the compatibility factor is impressive. It is widely compatible with almost all devices and instruments, including PC, Xbox One, Smartphone, Electric Piano, Guitar, and drum as well. The audio jack of 3.5mm is available for connectivity.

  • Fantastic Sound Quality
  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Decent Microphone
  • Compact
  • Slight Crackling on High Pitch Music
  • Scratchable

FAQs – Best Affordable Headphones for Music Production

Which affordable headphones are best for music production?

The Best affordable headphones for music production include: –

  • COWIN E8
  • Audio Technica ATH-M20x
  • COWIN E7
  • Vogek
  • Sennheiser HD280PRO
  • Sony MDR V55
  • Oneodio A71

Which headphone is best for active noise cancellation?

COWIN E8 and COWIN E7 are the best headphones for active noise cancellation. The efficiently designed headphones don’t allow the outside noise to enter into the ear pads and then to your ears. They nullify the background noise, drone noise, and airplane noise.

How to choose the best headphone for music production?

There are three deciding factors which will help you to choose the best headphone for music production.

  • Sound Quality
  • Comfort Level
  • Noise Isolation