10 Best Bone Conduction Headphones 2021

Many sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts love listening to their favorite tracks while working out. The most common problem they might face is to listen to their surroundings when having earphones plugged in

This problem will be of no more concern for you as experts have suggested a simple solution to this problem which you’ll get to know in this detailed guide!
Many of you might think that the Air Pods or wireless earbuds are the most modern innovations that this headphone industry has thrown till now. But wait! Don’t deny the hype that Best bone-conduction headphones are having right now. 
There might be a definitive reason for this that every one in eight people above 12 years is suffering from hearing loss only in the US. These numbers are increasing day by day. Bone conduction headphones will do wonders for such people as these just not only pore the sound in your ears but pass on to the inner ear via bones and skin
That’s the reason why most of the sportspersons also love these as it enables them to keep aware of the surrounding sounds.
Here in this best bone conduction headphones guide, we’ll move you through all the best available products. These headphones have earned higher user ratings and expert’s recommendations.
Let’s explore out more!
Best Bone Conduction Headphones

A perfect addition to your sports rig in the shape of this AfterShokz Aeropex that delivers the sound via cheekbones.

Noise Cancelling

No one wants to have an uncomfortable noise while listening to their favorite songs! That’s where these best open-ear bone conduction headphones fit perfectly. These headphones carry the innovative technology that delivers the vibrations via cheekbones and jaw. 

There’ll be no sound transfer that occurs through the ear canal and hence enables the perfect noise cancellation.

No matter whether you’re in a gym or riding a bike on the road, you should not cut off with your surroundings! It’s not safe for you as well. Here comes the perfect gadget that’ll help you with this by reducing the noise and bringing clarity in voice. This headphones make sure that you get enough sound vibrations from your surroundings to your ear.

Sound Quality

What’s the purpose of headphones? The optimal sound and perfect experience! AfterShokz Aeropex will not disappoint you in this case. These are engineered through the extra-ordinary sound delivery with multiple features that were not present in these kinds of headphones in the past. Also the features include the high volume, less sound leakage, and a perfect dynamic stereo sound.

Other Features:

While working out in the gym or riding a bike on the road, the only problem we face is the sweat! These headphones are designed in such a way to make them suitable for heavy workouts. These are entirely sweat & waterproof. Therefore, you can wear it even in extreme weather, i.e., rain and snow.

Another unique feature that comes your way is the moisture detection option in these headphones. This alert is useful during the charging as any moisture can cause a short circuit and ruin your investment in seconds. 

Moreover, enjoy longer battery lives with these headphones. You’ll experience the endless fun for 8 hours while pushing your limits in the gym. The magnetic charging makes it easy for you to charge the gadget wherever you are.

Be aware of your surroundings while listening to your favorite music on the go with this rugged AfterShokz Titanium.

Noise Cancelling

AfterShokz Titanium has surpassed other products. One of the primary reasons for this is its noise cancellation. It can deliver the sound to your internal ears via the cheekbones and jawbones instead of the ear canal. This feature, along with open ear design, makes sure that you’ll not miss any of the surrounding sounds.

Sound Quality

This AfterShokz Titanium provides quality experience along with their flexible yet durable body. The innovative and premium sound headphones equip modern technology to yield a dynamic range of sounds with a productive bass factor. An anti-leak feature makes sure that no sound comes outside while you’re listening to your favorite music tracks or listen to the calls.
These headphones never stop to impress! The same is the case here with this Titanium, one of the best bone conduction headphones right now in the market. These headphones are pretty much simple and easy to use. Along with that, these features a lightweight wrap-around band and durable components inside to make it last longer. Flexibility increases the worth right away.

Other Features:

Connectivity issues are common, but not for this Titanium! It features the Bluetooth technology version 4.1 and multipoint pairing alongside. This feature enables you to connect it with all your OS and Android devices in a breeze.
Workout brings some sweat to your body. These headphones are entirely sweat-resistant and repel the moisture. Therefore, being durable and water-resistant, these headphones ensure a longer life. No matter whether you’re cycling, doing gym activities, running, walking, or jogging, these will be your perfect companion!
Wrap around your neck and listen to your desired music on the go with an innovative bone conduction technology.

Noise Cancelling

There might be an embarrassing situation where you were unable to listen to somebody due to a higher volume and no noise cancellation. Also, sometimes you need to take off the headphones to talk to somebody even at the lower volumes. It serves as a pretty inconvenient situation.
Moreover, the persons who have hearing loss can also listen to their favorite tracks and music as the sound waves travel through the bones.

Sound Quality

These Zulu bone conduction headphones make sure that you get all the fun, and there’ll be no inference in between. Therefore, these headsets come with innovative technology to produce quality sounds. Stream audio for non-stop fun via its 6 hours long battery life.
Do you need to attend essential calls on the go? No problem, this Zulu Exero equips a built-in microphone by which you can not only listen to the calls but talk to the voice assistant. However, make sure that you’re already aware of the echo which occurs at higher volumes in conduction technology.

Other Features:

Wireless streaming of music is possible with Bluetooth V5.0. It can be connected to multiple devices but play only one at once.
These days, all the sportsmen and other activists are searching for lightweight headphones. The reason might be the ease and comfort feel that you’ll get with a lightweight gadget. No problem as the Zulu Audio listens to its customer’s demands! These Zulu Exero are only 1 oz. in weight that is just as light as air. 
You’ll not feel the wrap-around band on your neck that’ll be a comfortable feel in itself. Listen and enjoy the favorite tracks on the go via the sound waves traveling through your cheekbones.
Are you tired of in-ear buds? No worries! These Tayogo Smart Headphones are the best alternative to them.

Noise Cancelling

In-ear buds offer convenience, but what they lack is the innovative technology! Yes, we’re talking about the bone conduction technology with immense noise cancellation. A person suffering from hearing loss or feels hard to listen may need such gadgets. 
Additionally, working out in the gym with earphones can make you deaf from all other surrounding voices. 

Sound Quality

No headphones are called quality gadgets if they are unable to provide the quality and comfort. Buying these TAYOGO Bone-conduction headphones is a win-win situation. These bone conduction headphones will offer convenience, quality, and comfort all at once. The headphones provide you with the high-fidelity sound with a dynamic range.

These open ear headphones are fabulous at giving you premium quality high-fidelity sound. You’ll get the dynamic range of sounds with an epic bass and optimized treble settings. Enjoy any genre of music and listen to the calls.

Other Features:

Headphones having no built-in microphone can be inconvenient for most of you. The reason is that everyone owns a busy routine and a hectic lifestyle. Any time on the road or in the gym, you can get the critical calls to listen. Listen to them with a breeze via these Tayogo headphones.

A rechargeable battery comes your way with these Tayogo Bluetooth headphones. You can enjoy listening to music for a continuous six hours. Wrap around the band on your neck! These wireless Bluetooth headphones offer no inconvenience of messy wires, and you can take them off quickly. The band rests on your ears, which gives a more comfortable fit experience even during the heavy workout, jumping, or running.

Noise Cancelling

Avoid the embarrassing situation that you get when you’re unable to listen to someone in the room! Now, there’s no need to take off your headphones as the bone conduction technology has the noise cancellation featureAll the sound vibrations will pass to the internal ear via bones, and your ear canal will still listen to the surrounding voices.

Sound Quality

This VIDONN F1 Titanium features the latest Bluetooth V5.0, which is not just fast but reliable and stream quality sound to your ears. Unlike other wireless gadgets, you’ll not miss any of the beat via creating a stable connection. In a full broad place, the Bluetooth range can go up to 22 feet.
Enjoy listening to music for hours via a 180 mAh rechargeable battery. This lithium-ion battery makes sure that you get at least a playback time of 6 hours and enjoy while you’re out of your house. Moreover, it follows with a ten-day stand by time.

Other Features:

Imagine working out in the gym, and messy wires rotate around your neck and face. It’ll be irritating! These wireless headphones feature a lightweight band design with an anti-drop technology. Apart from this, the flexible band and sporty look increase the portability of these headphones to a great extent. Pull out and put them in a pocket whenever you want!
Working out hard in the gym or running on the road can cause your headphones to drop from your ears. It’ll be no more a problem with this F1 Titanium. These headphones are a breeze to wear! 
Hence, providing ergonomic stability and a comfortable feel, their anti-drop design surpasses every other gadget in the market. Push your limits in the gym now without worrying about the headphones!
Are you tired of sturdy design and messy wires around your neck? Keep your hands on these Akaho headphones to deliver premium sound with innovative technology.

Noise Cancelling

They assure you to keep your ears safe and unharmed from unnecessary sound and noise. These headphones utilize the bone conduction features, transfer the sound waves from the cheekbones and jaw to the inner ears. 
Thus they keep your ear canal intact and secure. Moreover, these headphones keep you aware of all the surrounding sounds to avoid any mishap due to music listening or extra noise.

Sound Quality

Ease of usage is a prior thing to have in headphones! No one wants to keep their hands on the cellphone to lower the volume again and again because of the unstable sound. That’s where these Akaho open-ear headphones fit the best. 
These headphones feature the perfect depiction of craftsmanship to produce quality sound. Furthermore, these headphones are equipped with many adjustable buttons. Like to set the volume, play/pause, answer the calls or end the calls.

Other Features:

As we have mentioned earlier, there is no need to carry extra weight and mess wires on your neck when you have these Akaho bone conduction headphones. This headphone features a flexible body with ABS plastic material that lasts longer than usual. Moreover, the Titanium Alloy Material enhances its aesthetic appearance and gives a luxurious design feel.

Their flexible body enables you to bend, fold, and place them in pockets when not in use. It offers excellent portability options with easy to carry ability. Bluetooth 5.0 technology offers music playback even from a distance of 33 ft.

Keep your cell phone aside to prevent any damage during a workout in the gym and listen to your favorite tracks and answer calls with these Akho headphones.

These headphones are fully waterproof and indeed certified under the standards and rules of IP55. Don’t worry about using them in rain or sweaty workouts!

Works by the bone conduction and transfers the sound waves to the cochlea to avoid hearing impairments.

Noise Cancelling

Many accidents happen because of the people listening to high volume music in the gym or on the roads while riding a bike! Moreover, noise can also be a cause of this. Here is the solution to avoid all such mistakes and mishaps. These SOMORA headphones transfer the sound without any surrounding noise. It also helps people suffering from hearing impairments to listen to their favorite tracks.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality and build construction, these headphones make use of 100% sturdy and innovative internal components to bring clarity in the sound. Moreover, ABS plastic material, along with the Titanium Alloy, proves its worth. Both of these give you firmness along with flexibility. Moreover, these are lightweight and flexible so that you can store them anywhere when not in use.

Other Features:

Listen to music and answer calls with your cell phone aside! Accurate Bluetooth wireless technology can connect to your even from a distance of 33 ft and avoids cable mess. Moreover, this True Wireless means that there’ll be voice obstructions while connected with Bluetooth.
Want something for sports or gym? Here it is! These SOMORA headphones present you with a sporty look that’ll suit every color outfit. When it comes to ruggedness, the headphones will never disappoint! 
These are fully waterproof and can be used for outdoor activities. You can also utilize them in the rain and for sweaty workouts in the gym, being waterproof. A 200 mAh Lithium-ion battery supports the longer playbacks. You’ll get the 5 hours of battery backup and 10 hours on standby with it.
The manufacturer provides a 60-days return policy as well. Also, Genso provides you with the 1-year limited warranty that proves the worth of this product.

Noise Cancelling

This bone conduction device is providing you with an enjoyable experience in listening to music. The advanced technology, along with an engineered shape, will let you enjoy no sound leakage and perfect noise cancellation. This way, you’ll get a clear and sharp voice with full volume.

Sound Quality

These headphones work by transferring the sounds via cheekbones and carrying it to the cochlea. Your ear canal will be free to have sound sensations from the surrounding environment
This way, you can continue to work out and listen to your favorite tracks and surrounding sounds at one go! These open ear headphones are great to have in your pocket whenever you’re going to drive, workout, or to perform any sports activity.
Listen to music, podcasts, and attend all your calls with these bone conduction headphones without having your phone in your hand!
Moreover, with the Bluetooth wireless feature, there will be no mess of wires on your neck and around you, while walking, jogging, cycling, and more.

Other Features:

A 150 mAh battery gives you a better feel for about 6 hours. Enjoy a standby time of 10 days with this rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, which juts takes 2 hours to charge fully
This music gadget is designed through IPX6 water-resistant features to give it a rugged appearance. Moreover, a waterproof design helps you use in the rainy weather or sweaty workouts in the gym.
Many sportsmen need headphones that don’t fall while jumping, running, or walking. So that’s where these MONODEAL headphones with their ergonomically stable design fit best! These headphones can handle the immense movement and will remain fixed in your ears. Their above-ear design keeps them stable and gives you a comfortable feel while wearing them.
Want to enjoy the real feel of the music? Here are these Bonein Open Ear Bone Conduction Headphones with no sound leakage phenomenon.

Noise Cancelling

Bone Conduction Technology can be new to many of you! The person who has hearing loss or the ones who want to avoid accidents during biking or cycling on the road can have this technology in their court. This innovative technology takes the sound sensation to the inner ear via cheekbones and jaw. This way, it keeps you aware of the ambiance via a sound cancellation feature.

Sound Quality

There’s no gadget like this one on the market right now. The reason why we’re saying this is the immensely portable option along with a quality sound that these Open ear headphones are offering. You can rotate a plane of headphones to 90-degrees and 180-degrees. This way, you’ll have the perfect fit on your ears and can store them in your pocket whenever you want!

Bonein has precisely engineered this pair of headphones. It gives a perfect depiction of craftsmanship with its nano-material. A perfect fit will give you clarity in voice and a crisp sound. 

Other Features:

Secure Bluetooth connectivity and easy multipoint pairing will help you connect these headphones with your Android and iOS devices. Also, you can make a secure connection with your Mac and PC. Enjoy the wire-free connectivity with no mess of wires that will hurdle your running or walking.

Moreover, its waterproof design enhances its worth and versatility. So you can use them for all the outdoor activities and sweaty workouts in the gym. It’s a perfect design that keeps its internal components secured in a double layer case. 

Moreover, it gives a rugged feel and a full sealing capacity to prevent any water seeping inside. Sweat erosion will also be eradicated due to this feature.

A 220 mAh battery lets you enjoy the music for the most extended hours. No other bone conduction headphones can manage to run for the 11 hours of playing time as this one does! Moreover, you’ll get 180 days of standby time.

Noise Cancelling

HUASIRU brings a perfect solution to hearing loss conditions and not being able to listen to ambient sounds. These HUASIRU open ear headphones utilize the bone conduction technology to send sound signals to the inner ear via bones.
Moreover, you’ll hear all the ambient sounds without compromising the music quality and having noise in your ears.

Sound Quality

This HUASIRU is the definition of a clear voice and sharp audio! Whenever you might listen to unnecessary sounds, it’ll be an irritating experience for you that may cause any mishap. 

Keep yourself safe from all the accidents or mishaps that happen due to bad quality and irritated situations. Moreover, you can attend calls and listen to music with the open-ear design that lets you be aware of all the ambient sounds around you. This way, you can drive, walk, run, and work on the roads.

Design is what makes these bone conduction headphones different from others! First of all, an above-ear design gives you a perfect fit. You’ll get no worries with sound quality even during walking, jumping, or doing gym as the headphones will not leave your ears.

Other Features:

These headphones are fully compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows gadgets via Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Get rid of all the mess of wires and bulky cellphone in your pocket during weight lifting in the gym. You can listen to music from a distance of 33 feet from your playing gadget.

Battery timing is not the thing to compromise in wireless headphones! There must be nothing that comes in your fun. HUASIRU listens to you and brings a 180 mAh battery to give you 6 hours of continuous play. 

Moreover, you’ll get an amazing ten days of standby time. Do you sweat a lot in the gym or while walking outdoors? No need to worry now. This HUASIRU headphone brings you a waterproof design and sweat-resistant components that can withstand moisture easily.

Buyer's Guide For The Best Bone Conduction Headphones

Bone Conduction Headphones are life-saver for most of the people out there! The reason behind this fact is the increasing hearing loss and the people who want to listen to music while walking or jogging on the roads. That’s why the bone conduction headphones come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and features to consider.

Buying the best bone conduction headphone is not a piece of cake as it is a matter of your safety and precious investment. Here in this guide, we’ll move you through the factors and attributes that you need to take care of while buying one for you. Let’s Start

Comfort and Wearing ability

Comfort in wearing must be your priority while buying these headphones for you! No one wants to have the discomfort in the neck region or ears when listening to their favorite tracks. Another thing to note is that many of you might be wearing these music gadgets in the gym or while driving outdoors. Any sort of discomfort can become a cause of danger.


Fortunately, most of the bone conduction headphone brands come with a flexible neckband that rests on your neck.

Ear Pieces:

While the two earpieces will have the above-ear design that will rest on the ears, this way, you’ll get the proper fit and anti-fall design.

Build Quality

Precisely engineered headphones are their definitions! They depict the ability to manufacture to give comfort to their users. Make sure to buy the best conduction headphones with durable components and a rugged feel. Cheap plastic material will not only ruin the look but waste your investment in a few weeks or more.

Certified or not?

To know more about the build quality, you can also check if the headphones are certified from IPX5, IP67, and IP55 or not.

Water-Resistant ability:

The next thing you can consider in the build quality is the water-resistant ability of the headphones. In the gym or running outdoors, you might sweat a lot! A water-resistant bone conduction headphones will be able to withstand such sweaty workouts, and you can also wear them in light rain.

Sound Quality:

Sound quality matters to everyone! Yet, you must not seek the same quality you get from your in-ear buds, or other headphones as converting the sound to the human audible range and transferring the vibrations via cheekbones is not as useful.

Sound Leakage:

What you can check to know about the sound quality is the sound leakage feature. Most of the bone conduction headphones are precisely engineered with a design that fits in your ear. Therefore, these headphones give you better sound quality with no leakage. Make sure to check whether the headphones you’re buying have this feature or not!

The Gadget's Verdict

Suffering from hearing impairments or your love towards music will let you incline towards these bone conduction headphones. Keep aware of all the ambient sounds as you’re going to hear music via your cheek and jawbones. We have tried to cover every aspect of these headphones and presented you with the best products in this regard. Make a decision that suits you best!

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