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9 Best Drones For Beginners - Complete List

9 Best drones for beginners

Date Created: 1st March 2020

Why Do you need a Drone ?

Drones aren’t just for professionals anymore. The consumer market for drones for beginners has expanded vastly over the last few years, and through innovative advertising and the incorporation of endless high-tech features, drones for beginners are more appealing than ever. 

As these devices become further integrated into the consumer market, new buyers are looking to find the most proficient product to introduce them to this field. Everyone has to start somewhere, and as with every new adventure, sometimes people can be at a loss for where to begin. Hopefully this article can direct you to find the perfect and the best drone for beginners to kick start your flying experience.

Lets Checkout Some Drones

Best drones for beginners

1. Holy Stone HS100 RC Drone

Charging Time:  3 – 5 Hours

Flying Time: 12 – 15 Minutes

  Operating Range: 150 Metres

Camera Quality:  1080P HD

One of the most highly rated drones on the market, having received over 2,000 positive responses from past customers, the Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone is the first drone we recommend amongst many. This device incorporates GPS technology within its design to cater to beginners as it allows for assisted flight.

Additionally, with the press of a button the drone will return home without users having to worry about losing it, regardless of battery life and precision. It comes with a 1080P Wi-Fi camera, allowing novice users to experiment with higher level tech and complex shots without over stimulation.


  • GPS Location and Auto Return
  • 1080P HD Wi-Fi Camera
  • Simple Control
  • Quick Launch
  • Emergency Stop
  • Follow Me Mode
  • App Control


  • Reasonable Price
  • Easy to use controls make it an ideal drone for beginners
  • Flying range is pretty good


  • User face connectivity issues
  • Takes time to pair with controller
  • takes an eternity to charge when you want to use it
Best drones for beginners

2. Potensic T25 GPS

Charging Time: 2 Hours

Flying Time: 8 – 10 Minutes

Operating Range: 300 Metres

Camera Quality: 1080P HD

This 1080P camera equipped RC drone finds the perfect balance between advanced and easy to use technology. Comprised of a dual GPS gyro space, this Potensic drone maintains stable flight regardless of wind speed and natural weather occurrences. 

This detail can be amazing for new flyers because it eliminates the anxiety of losing control of your device and makes for a smoother flight experience.


  • Follow Me mode
  • Dual GPS
  • Headless Mode
  • Altitude Mode
  • One Key to Take Off
  • Goggle Support


  • This model is super Steady and very responsive
  • Best for indoors
  • Return home brings you to within three feet from take off


  • Battery life is a bit short
  • Need more time to try follow me and mapping.
Best Drones for beginners

3. Potensic T18 GPS FPV RC Quadcopter

Charging Time: 2 Hours

Flying Time: 15 Minutes

Operating Range: 300 Metres

Camera Quality: 1080P HD

The high-function camera, gyroscope, and GPS calibration of this drone put it in a realm of its own. These qualities allow in-flight aerial photos, stable flight, and easy control, all making it the perfect experience and making it one of the best drones for beginners. In fact: It was even cited that beginners had no trouble maneuvering around the top-notch performance abilities, contributing to its stellar reputation.

As a result, many users have said it was “Easy to control” (Amazon), and it is apparent that Potensic specifically catered to beginning users in this department. They wanted to offer a smooth adventure for novices, while also gradually introducing them to upper level features, integrating them further into this field.


  • Adjustable Wide-Angle Wi-Fi Camera
  • Auto Return Home
  • Altitude Hold
  • Follow Me Mode
  • App Control
  • Auto Hover Function


  • Stable flight in strong winds
  • Great higher entry level drone for beginners.


  • App experiences issues when connecting
  • Battery life could be Better
Best drones for beginners

4. JJRC H68 RC Drone

Charging Time: 3 Hours

Flying Time: 40 Minutes

Operating Range: 100 Metres

Camera Quality: 720P

If you want a highly professional drone, look no further. Notable for having responsive controls and quick accident recovery, the H68 is a great drone for trainees who don’t have to worry about crashing and damaging their device. 

The reasonable price attached to the drone also leaves no guilt on the rare occasion it does wreck. Additionally, the altitude hold on this model is impressive. Despite not having GPS technology, the drone maintains stability regardless of weather conditions.


  • Headless Mode
  • 720P Camera
  • Anti-Shake Table
  • FPV Real Time Transmission
  • Safety Protection guards
  • 3D Mode


  • Two Batteries are given with the drone
  • Very Stable
  • The Camera angle can be adjusted


  • issues with connectivity
  • Durability of the drone could have been better

5. Snaptain SP600

Charging Time: 3 Hours

Flying Time: 30 Minutes

Operating Range: 150 Metres

Camera Quality: 720P HD

An FPV quadcopter with 720P HD video and picture quality, this drone encompasses an array of high-quality attributes. Noted for its slim design and durable construction, the physical appearance of this drone generates allure. To top this off, it delivers flawless flight performance, aided by altitude control and quick response systems. 

Highly recommended across the board, the SNAPTAIN SP600 appeals to a wide range of users, both high skilled and novice as it is comprised of easy controls and consistently smooth operation and it is one of the best drones for beginners.


  • Voice Control
  • Gesture Control
  • Gravity Control
  • One Key Take-Off and Landing
  • Altitude Hold


  • Price is very reasonable in comparison with other drones
  • Very Stable Hover Mode
  • App has many features in it
  • The Drone offers speed levels


  • You Can’t fly the drone in high winds because its very light weight
best drones for beginners

6. DJI Spark

Charging Time: 1 Hour

Flying Time: 15 – 20 Minutes

Operating Range: 100 Metres

Camera Quality: 4K HD

Obviously this drone is on the pricier side, but we aren’t recommending it for no good reason. In fact, the general reputation associated with DJI is well worth the money. 

Living up to its stature as an elite brand, the SPARK fits a boat load of features into one small device, giving users access to the highest functioning attributes and the palm of their hand.


  • Intelligent Flight Modes
  • Operating Environment
  • Flight Performance Potential
  • Worry Free Flight
  • Active Track
  • Powerful Propulsion
  • Mechanical Gimbal Stabilization


  • Controller-free gesture controls are very advanced features
  • Very Smooth image and footage capture
  • Very Easy to use
  • lightweight and portable


  • Flight Time is short
  • Could be difficult to fly in windy weather
  • You should have a fairly new phone
Best Drones For Beginners

7. Eachine E511 Quadcopter

Charging Time: 1 Hour 

Flying Time: 17 Minutes

Operating Range: 200 Metres

Camera Quality: 1080P

Known to having amazing flying abilities, easy set up, and quality production, this alternative Eachine model is an exceptional option for learners. Often compared to the Mavic Air, this drone delivers similar features on a budget, while keeping with agility, sustainability, and solid structure.

Although it comes with a modest price tag, there is no reduction in quality which is also what makes it perfect for new users. Simply put, it’s powerful, well built, high functioning, and flaunts its repute for having incomparable imagery. 


  • 1080P camera quality
  • Live Video
  • 1080P HD FOV
  • Long Flight Time
  • 3D Flip
  • App Control


  • It can Reverse 360 degrees
  • The maneuverability of the drone is awesome.
  • Very Stable
  • Crash Resistant


  • Does not have GPS
  • Big Phones cannot be attached to Controller
best drones for beginners

8. Eachine E520

Charging Time:  1 Hour

Flying Time: 17 Minutes

Operating Range: 80 – 100 Metres

Camera Quality: 4K

Upon first look, you may wonder why we picked this drone for our article when we’re trying to show you introductory level drones. Although it might seem initially intimidating, this drone is designed to suit both beginner and experienced needs. 

As you grow your personal skill level, you can actually accommodate the drone to fit your growing expertise. This sets the EACHINE E520 apart from most other drones as it doesn’t appeal to just one particular group of people, proving its versatility across the board. Flaunting top of the line 4K resolution and wide-angle resolution, as well as Follow Me Mode that enables users to capture complex shots, this drone has it all. 


  • Long range and Flight time
  • Custom Route Modes
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Exceptional Durability


  • Very easy to assemble
  • User friendly
  • Very Smooth Flight
  • Crash Resistant


  • Controller is a little bit difficult to use
Best Drones For Beginners

9. Altair AA108

Charging Time: 2 Hours

Flying Time: 10 Minutes

Operating Range: 100 Metres

Camera Quality: 720P

Advertised as being a beginner friendly drone, the Altair AA108 shows off premium features while securing its status as an easy to fly machine. Although, it seems that the manufacturers of this drone really had their novice consumers in mind when creating this device as they managed to perfectly blend a wide array of high quality, upper level technology, while also retaining focus on usable qualities such as stability and durability. 

The camera specifically shoots in 720P quality, and real time video, as well as comes in 120 wide angle lens that parallel a bird’s eye view. 


  • The Flight range is great for this price point
  • FPV range is around 40-50 yards with the 720p video app
  • Very Solid and Comes with a strong casing
  • Controller Comes with labels of each button


  • Not much durable
  • Price is a bit high
  • Does not provide real time video to your phone

Best Drones For Beginners - Buyer's Guide

Beginners use drones for beginners to enhance their flying skills and when they become expert in flying then they move to professional  drones.

Usually drones for beginners are bought after check few things which are:

  • It’s flying time
  • Operating Range 
  • Size of the drone
  • Charging Time 
  • It’s camera quality 
  • And lastly Its durability

So every drone beginner has its own opinion when buying a drone for himself.

In our opinion, the best drone is: