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The iPhone 11 pro max the naming gets even longer, now we wouldn’t put too much credence behind this leak but a stock list from ESR cases is showing us a new naming sequence for the biggest and best iPhone this year. Although I don’t think that name sounds too bad, iPhone 11 pro max, the more we say it, the more it makes sense, now this is in accordance to the last leak, we heard that the pro naming would be making a comeback.

Apple iphone 11 infographic

The new naming sequence would go like this:

  • The iPhone 10XR’s replacement would be the iPhone 11
  • The iPhone 10s 5.8 inch model would be the iPhone 11 Pro
  • The biggest 6.5 would be the iPhone 11 pro max

So that way the max moniker could stick around and then both of the premium models would still be the pro. I think it works, John Gruber and Ben Lovejoy from 9 to 5 mac, they both agree that this is the most logical way for Apple to separate the lineup, it’s very similar to the iPhone pro naming scheme I think it works.

  • The IPhone 11 would contain the A13 Omega which is the fastest processor ever in a smartphone.

Iphone 11

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Release date!

Other assets found in IOS 13 beta 7 too shows a screen that’s named hold for release and it shows a September 10th release dates very likely Apple will be announcing the iPhone 11 on September 10th. There was another one in there also with a September 23rd release dates which couldn’t possibly be a street day for iOS 13, putting it two weeks past the announcement date of the iPhone which is a bit unusual usually they’ll drop it with just a few days later, we’ll see about that one though 

the design

This year’s display on an iPhone will apparently be the best ever. In an industry report from South Korea is confirming that the Galaxy Note 10 display the same type will be used on this year’s iPhone, usually Apple uses a slightly modified version.

Apparently this time it’s so good as display may put it simply the best display ever made currently on a smartphone Apple decided to use the same one, that makes me excited knowing that they’re still improving the display before micro LED, if only Apple could get behind this color as well I’d like to see them copy this on the new iPhone although from what we hear the Apple logo will have a similar but more subtle reflective finish.

Now what’s interesting is that the Apple logo is the only branding to remain on the back of the iPhone, on the bottom the iPhone text will be gone, this is something that to me seems sort of believable, as I look back on the older iPhones, I realized that Apple has been chipping away at the branding for the longest time, first they had that storage logo, that’s gone then the FCC labels, they got rid of those then we had the s label on the success, they got rid of that no more of those on the S models and they got rid of the design in California text and now the last one is the iPhone text that’s gonna be gone too.


Take this next report with a healthy dose of skepticism, a user on a Chinese forum who’s apparently a Foxconn employee and has had hands-on time with the iPhone 11 has decided to lay it all out after recently quitting and gives us a lot of key details that we haven’t heard before about the iPhone 11, they directly contradict what we’ve heard before and to me that makes it seem either more likely that this is fake first thing that he says is that the iPhone 11 will be coming in a new color, this is for the Pro Series not the cheaper ones, he equates it to a dark green similar to the Sony Z5.

So we’ve prepped some renders with that in mind and it doesn’t look that good, I didn’t like it when I first saw it what we know is that the pro series will have a matte back and that green color almost looks like a camo, there’s a different version that’s more reflective, inspired by Apple eye designer and I think that one looks way better, I just don’t know if a machine would look good on it this new green color also directly contradicts that product red glass, we’ve seen so either green or red but Apple is doing something with the colors on this year’s iPhone.

Iphone 11
Iphone 11
Iphone 11



  • Apparently on this year’s iPhone the camera is to remain 12 megapixels but there will be aggressive changes inside the actual lens will have a coating on the inside that will be different from the back glass but will be the same color
  •  3D touch has indeed been cancelled leading to a thinner display component, not necessarily a thinner phone according to the part numbers.
  • According to the part numbers, Face ID, the mannual itself is staying the same size which leads me to believe that face ID being twice as fast or as fast as the second generation touch ID, wouldn’t be true if that was the case unless they achieved some insane software improvements.
  • Also reported is that there won’t be any change in storage, meaning mac’s wine maxx report that a base storage would start at 128 gigabytes would be false, a larger battery at 3969 milliamps over 20% larger than the iphone 10’s max, that’s amazing to hear larger than the earlier leaks suggested and apparently no changes to the charger inside the box it’ll be the same 5 volt charger not the 18 watt one from the iPads which directly contradicts several sources.

Iphone 11

  • Most recently charger lab has suggested USB-C, USB-C, the lightning cable will be happening in the box, this is coming from a high-level representative near confirmed according to them and this report is saying no Apple is sticking with the old set up,  I just don’t believe it and they confirm an iPhone SE 2 will not be happening, this year that’s true from what we’ve heard, it’ll be a 2020 release, the report also confirms what we’ve already heard a million times over that the triple lense is happening, stacked logic board is happening this year as well, and no USB-C, it’ll still be lightning and regarding that something I wanted to talk about is that this is going to be the iPhones last year on lightning, the iPhone deserves USB-C it would justify the pro naming USB-C and a promotion display.
  • And of course, the Apple stylus support although what comes after USB-C, we’ve heard already about the patent that Apple has regarding MagSafe, future iPhones could have a MagSafe connector and then eventually there will be no connector all wireless just drop it on, hopefully air power at that time and transfer your data that way, the reliability will be so good, you won’t need a port for servicing and hopefully charging will be way more convenient by then too and according to a recent patent Apple is still working on a wireless charger solution, yes they failed with air power but the pattern details, a new system where a wireless charger would snap in with the back of the iPhone using magnets, Apple already has a very similar system on the Apple watch now they’d be bringing the solution over to the iPhone, unknown when this could happen again it is still a patent but it’s good to know that Apple is working on a wireless charger and eventually we may see one, if I was them I mean a simple little small wireless charger with air power animations let those live I really like those and just a bedside little charger why not.

Iphone 11

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