4 Most Expensive Laptops in the World 2021

In this list, we’re going to feature some of the world’s most expensive laptops. You may want to buy these, or might not be able to buy because of the expensive nature of these laptops. Yet you will surely enjoy reading about them.
As some of us enjoy listening and watching videos that talk about laptops, such as laptop reviews and comparisons. We keep on wishing that we had at least one of these laptops that we’ve watched over the years being unboxed in Dave 2D’s videos.
But others don’t even wish that at all, like me, as I know which laptop I need and which one can help me in my routine daily tasks.
Most of these laptops are going to be an overkill for most people. But those who love watching videos about laptops and checking out what’s new right now in the market, this article is going to be a joyride.
And we’ve added as many laptops as we could find in this list, otherwise, if you find a laptop that is not already featured here. Yet, it deserves to be featured in your opinion, feel free to mention it below in the comments and we may add it in our list.
Anyways, let’s get started with our picks for the most expensive laptops in the world.
The first laptop on our list is the Acer Predator 21X. It was crazy popular on YouTube when it came out in the beginning, and it is even popular now in 2020. Thus this one is one of the expensive laptops in the world right now.
Why is that the case? Well, look at its specs! and then look at its weight, and along with that its build quality as well.
Putting all this together, it makes this laptop one of the most expensive ones in the world.
You can think of it as a desktop replacement, and normal people won’t really need or can benefit from it. The ones who can and will take advantage, have already probably purchased it, which you can see and confirm by checking out this laptop on Amazon.
Either way, my mouth was watering while looking at this laptop’s review at a YouTube Channel.
I love to watch their reviews and checking out the videos of the people who’ve already purchased them and I enjoy such laptops from a distance only.

If you wanna check out its complete specs and availability, you can either check it out on Amazon or on Acer’s official website.

This Area 51m R2 is pretty famous and expensive as well. This is a beast of a laptop on which you can do pretty much anything. You can do 3D modeling on this laptop, and can do gaming on it as much as you like. Although it may not be suitable for productivity workloads, because, for productivity, you need a portable laptop. You can take pretty much anywhere and any time, which is kind of not an option with this bad boy. (You know, because of its huge size, weight, and the double battery charger)
But, if you want a laptop that’s great for productivity, check out this list. We’ve featured a few laptops that are portable and are not that heavy in terms of weight, but are pretty heavy when it comes to specs!
But honestly, if you ask me, you should get a Ryzen-based laptop, especially for productivity. If you are planning to do gaming on a laptop, then feel free to check this list. It contains all recent 10th or 11th gen laptops that feature Intel CPUs, they’re enough for gaming.
Now comes the turn of Apple’s 16″ MacBook Pro. We’re talking about expensive laptops here and we won’t mention Apple? How can that even be!
Apple’s MacBook Pro 16 comes in at 3rd in our list of the most expensive laptops in the world. Because its price is somewhere around $7,000 compared to the $9,000 of the Acer Predator 21X.
Make no mistake, MacBook Pro 16 is only $7,000 when you upgrade all the specs to the max!
Because this is such an expensive laptop that I can’t see a use-case for this, I’ll not personally buy it myself. I’d rather build a Custom PC which would be pretty cheap compared to the MacBook Pro 16. Also, it will be immensely powerful for less price. Yet, if you are a MacBook lover, you can get this right away.
Not only PC, but there are quite a few laptops out there as well that cost less. But offer more performance and are more powerful. So if you’re going to use Final Cut Pro on this laptop exclusively, yeah you should probably go ahead with it.
Now, this is the laptop that I am considering myself to purchase sometime in the future. It’s not that expensive, or maybe it can be a desktop replacement for me and still can be a bit portable. You can only keep desktop at one designated place and that’s it, you can’t move it around.
It’s not one of the most expensive ones out there, but I wanted to include at least one laptop that is kind of an affordable option and still is a bit expensive.
It’s a great laptop, and I wanna buy it for myself too, but my pocket doesn’t allow me to and I don’t wanna sell my kidney either, as I need it more than this laptop.

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