Track Kids Location with TheOneSpy GPS Tracker

Parents over the years were struggling to protect children from predators. The convicts once get released out of jail could turn again towards child-abusing activities.

Moreover, offenders are everywhere these days and it is possible that every child predator is not a convict. He could be moving in your surrounded neighborhoods.

In addition to that, stalkers and sexual predators are present on the web these days. They used to trap young teens and children online using social media apps. Thus, parents must track kids online and monitor their location with GPS trackers to make sure kids and teen’s safety to the fullest.

What is GPS location tracking app?

It is a powerful and state of the art feature of TheOneSpy cell phone tracker app. You can install it on your children’s cellphone device and use its web portal. You will be able to track the GPS location, route map of your children, and location history of the kids. Especially in the surrounding neighborhoods.

You just need to install it on your kid’s mobile and start tracking their GPS location virtually. You can use its powerful features further to monitor all the activities kids used to perform on cellphone connected to the internet.

You can monitor social media, social media Voice calls, text messages, and live cellphone calls. Other than that browsing activities, and record the screen of kid’s phones in real-time are monitored

However, it has got remote surveillance features to block live incoming calls, block the internet, and text messages. GPS location tracker enables you to monitor the current and exact location of the target device user.

The application is user –friendly and packed with powerful features. You can install it on the target device within no time and use its features to upload information to the web portal.


The tracker is compatible with cellphone devices running with Android operating systems. You can monitor kid’s location with GPS tracker even on the latest OS version 10 and above devices.

How to get install phone tracker software?

If you want to protect your children from offenders, bullies in real –life, and on the web then you need to go to the official webpage of TheOneSpy. Once you are on the cellphone tracking webpage then instantly get the subscription online.

You can check your email and get the password and ID. Use the password and ID and get access to the online control panel where you can get your hands on the best features like GPS tracker and plenty of others. You can use the features of your desire and upload the information present on the target device. Or you can track and watch the location of the target device virtually on the MAP.

Use TheOneSpy advance & powerful features to track the kid’s location

GPS location tracker

Users can get access to the target cellphone device using cellphone tracker software. So to further get access to the target device using a GPS location tracking app. Furthermore, you can get to know the pinpoint, current, and exact location of your child virtually using Google MAP.

Location history tracker

Users can use the online dashboard of the phone tracker app and further get to know about the location history of your child. Likewise daily and weekly location history on the MAP.

Route MAP Tracker

It is one of the best features of mobile tracker software. It enables you to protect your kids from real-life predators by knowing the route map of the kid’s on the MAP. It helps out parents how many routes your teens follow while going to school, meeting with friends, hanging outside and many others alike.

Mark safe & restricted areas

Users can use this particular tool and empowers you to create a circumference around the GPS Location of teens. You can also mark safe areas & restricted ones. You will get the notifications via email and you will get to know kids entering or leaving the place.


TheOneSpy GPS location tracker software is the best tool for parents to track kid’s GPS location with the timestamp.

“I’ve seen many kids trying to pretend that they’re going to synagogue but they end up going somewhere else. Using a GPS tracker doesn’t mean you’re invading the privacy of your child but it means you care more about their safety” By JudaicaWebStore

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